Celebrate Squirrels!

Celebrate Squirrels!

With their bushy tails and tiny noses, squirrels are endearing.  They are busy creatures and easy to spot.  Whether you are planning for a preschool group or a fun day at home, celebrate these little critters with a day devoted to them.

  • Visit your local library and find books about squirrels.  Older kids love to use the computer catalog to find specific books.

  • Learn about squirrels from a squirrel.  Sometimes a squeaky voice is all it takes to entertain.  Talk about where squirrels live (anywhere from rainforests to deserts) and who some of their cousins are (chipmunks, prairie dogs, and woodchucks). Thanks to our librarian for the puppet loan!

  • Make your own puppet with this Squirrel Puppet Printable.  Print the squirrel and acorn on cardstock.  Cut out the squirrel, color it, and put it on a stick.  "Laminate" the acorn with clear packing tape.  Use velcro sticker dots to allow the acorn to come on and off of the squirrel's hands.

  • Hide the acorn(s).  Have the kid(s) help their squirrel find the acorn and put it in its home.  Talk about the seasons and why squirrels hide their nuts.

  • Humans store food too!  Talk about why we might store food (emergencies like storms or earthquakes that could shut down roads or stores) and what kinds of foods are good for storage (water, non-perishable, etc.).  Buy or plan together to buy something to add to your food storage.

  • Using multiple acorns, practice counting.  Sing "One little, two little, three little acorns..." (Ten little Indians.) Hide fingers behind back, find them again, and then pretend to eat them.

  • Sing and act out "Squirrel, Squirrel, shake your bushy tail.  Squirrel, squirrel, shake your bushy tail.  Wrinkle up your little nose, stick a nut between your toes.  Squirrel, squirrel, shake your bushy tail."  For a small, fun variation do it how I learned growing up..."Wrinkle up your little nose, stick it down between your toes..." ;)  Practice saying it loud, soft, fast, and slow.

  • Move to Grey Squirrel.  Another variation of above, but with music.  Practice singing in different voices for Baby Squirrel, Mama Squirrel, etc.

  • Don't forget squirrel snacks!  Nuts, seeds, fruits, etc.  If you're really brave, find some insects. ;)