Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What Every Dad and Mom Should Know

To You:
I just watched the lunar eclipse.  I sat out on my porch, listened to the crickets, and watched the moon change colors.  It was pretty incredible.  I came inside and was elated to see the family messages start rolling in.  We just welcomed a new nephew into the world today!  And we are getting our first pictures right now!  There is a pair of hands over this little bundle; I recognize them as my brother's.  The new family.  The first bath.  The tininess nestled into his daddy's chest.  There is nothing better!  It's exciting and fun and real.

Do you ever feel like the space inside your chest has grown bigger?  Like you've been enlightened or filled up?  It's hard to describe, but I think it's what people mean when they say, "My heart is full."
Full of gratitude, full of love, and full of awe.  There is so much that is good around us.

So with a full heart, I'd say to the new parents, I don't know anything you don't know, so just keep in mind
What Every Dad and Mom Should Know:

  • You are the most important people in your child's life.  Live worthy of that role.
  • You have the ability to give to your child what you can't really give to anyone else–you have complete stewardship over this baby.  Now is your chance to put all your learning and talents and all that you have become to good in this new baby's life.
  • You did it!  You birthed a baby!  Woohoo!!!  It's pretty amazing that you grew a person inside of you and then got that person out!  You ought to take a bow.
  • Snuggle.  Then snuggle some more for me.  Snuggling a baby is good for the soul: yours and theirs.
  • Life is about to change...roll with it.  As much as you can, laugh at the splattered poop, the sleepless nights, and the "I don't know what to do!!!!" moments.
  • You don't have as much control as you want at times, but you have more than you think at other times.  Figure that one out.  :)
  • Ask for everyone's advice and then take what you feel good about.
  • In the end, I believe the best thing anyone can do for a child is help them know that they are supremely, unconditionally loved, not just by you, but also by the Creator of all.

I can't wait to watch these two incredible people parent.  I can't wait to see this little one grow into a big one.  To see him develop and discover.  To watch his personality unfold. To watch him build relationships and find joy in life.  Love you little man!

Love, Marielle

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